In improving a company’s culture or management performance, quick and simple solutions are a very rare occurrence. Thus, we most often partner up with our clientsfor a long-distance run. Among the qualities we wish to express in our client-consultant relationships are absolute trust, result-focusing, and innovative approaches enhanced with leanness and agility.

What are our typical clients like?

Typically, our clients would be innovative companies with the wish to: boost their growth, improve the internal management and leadership, change the company’s culture, develop new products in a lean way or optimize processes and performance of business functions. The size of projects we typically service ranges from 10.000-50.000€ with a duration of 3-24 months.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (50-100 employees)

Companies containing 50-100 employees in the phase of redefining their strategy, revitalizing their internal culture, seeking new growth opportunities, wanting to professionalize and optimize specific business functions or develop contemporary approaches to management and intrapreneurship.

Fast-growing companies

Companies with fast growth boasting more than 10-15 employees who annually add a large amount of additional workforce or contractual workers. Due to the fast growth rate, there is a tendency for these companies to become “disoriented”. Our service pack helps to set a clearly defined growth strategy, shape a professional array of business functions and correctly establish the organizational structure and work processes.

Departments within large companies

Large companies mainly seek our services with the goal to develop the internal leadership and coaching capabilities; in most cases, this is combined with cooperation on projects, workshops as well as group and individual coaching. This is because the most effective leadership development happens intackling demanding projects with the help of a highly competent team.


Usually, private investors seek our services for their portfolio companies with an eye to optimize their growth strategiesas well as professionalize and optimize theirway of doing business. In the case of investors, we also offer monitoring services for the progress of venture capital investments.



The engine of global growth for cloud solutions

We’ve developed a strategy for the digital growth engine in global markets, aimed at cloud solutions (time & attendance, project time tracking), with an emphasis on content marketing. Throughout the implementation phase we have continuously supported the team at Špica in coordinating and implementing the prepared strategy for acquiring new customers via their digital channels.


Strategy workshop


For Hidria we organized a leadership and strategic planning workshop for young potentials. The workshop covered all the different types of strategic planning, from classical “MBA” business planning to lean and agile methodologies. 


A series of leadership coachings, publication of amanual

We have held a series of coaching sessions for the middle and upper management staff at Iskratel in the context of the “InLeadership Project” performed by Business Class. As part of the coaching series, we’ve also published a manual of management challenges, which contains a descriptionof the main challenges for managers. The next phase concerned looking for optimal solutions to the given challenges.

Prva hiša

Company strategy and setting up the marketing function

With Prva hiša, the leading company in developing medium-sized real estate projects, we helped in creating a growth strategy, setting up the organizational structure and optimizing the organizational processes as well as outlining the marketing strategy for their real-estate projects and optimizing the sales processes.


The engine for growth and process optimization

For Sunesis, which uses its digital platform to help other large companies with their digital transition, we helped in shaping their business model, renovating theirweb presence and optimizing the processes in the sales, marketing and staff functions of their business. We also helped with developing niche products based on the methodology of lean business.


Process optimization

APL is one of the leading non-bank companies for factoring. The client was serviced by analyzing their business functions and helping to implement the upgrades, with an emphasis on the development and marketing business functions.


Designing the growth engine and process optimization

The company was consulted on designing the growth engine, which entailed preparing standardized materials, optimizing the marketing and sales processes and introducing new technologies for support in marketing and sales. The processes in other business functions have also been optimized.


Designing a business model and monitoring the investment

A private investorwas supplied with a service for regularly monitoring and mentoring Bloq, a start-up developing smart “lockers“. The company was aided in designing their business model, shaping their sales strategy, acquiring investors and setting up the business functions. The company has also received the award for best start-up in a side competition at the Web Summit 2019.


Holding a series of management coachings

The companyof Ekipa2, part of Outfit7, was given a series of individual and group management coachings on topics of leadership and management as well as enhancing the company’s productivity.


Supplying the strategic documents and providing support in execution

The client was supplied with strategic documentation (DIIP/PIZ/IP) which aided in conceiving the Startup Plus project, one of the most extensive and widespread public-private projects for start-up support in the world. The second phase concerned implementing the theory into practice by setting up the project management and providing support in the project’s execution.


Series of coachings and the publication of a SIO management manual

For SPIRIT, a public agency, we held a series of coachings for managing the subjects of innovative environments (incubators, technology parks …), which came with the publication of a manual on successful leadership and management of subjects such as these.

Other references

Other references