Project management

Are your strategical projects at a standstill? With the “inhouse consulting” model, we take charge of leading your selected strategical projects for a specified time – at least in its more difficult starting phases.

With the “inhouse consulting” services of project management we take over the management of selected strategic projects in cooperation with your internal team. In this way, we can boost the executive power of your enterprise and lessen the burden on your internal management.


Internal management frequently finds itself overloaded with operational tasks, which leaves very little time to do new, strategically important projects. As a consequence, strategically important projects may stay unrealized for several years. What is more, such projects tend to pile up to the point where determining project priorities becomes a near impossibility.

As your “inhouse consulting” partner, we only have one task –to make sure your project becomes a reality. We do not share in the burdens of daily operations – rather,we specialize in project management.

Here are the main advantages of such a partnership:

  • no strategic project will ever pile up and stay unrealized,
  • pressure is alleviated from the internal team,
  • projects are led and insights are transferred in a professional way,
  • projects are led via agile methods,
  • the entire project receives an objective, external assessment.


We take care of every phase of project management – from examining the existing documentation, preparing professional project documentation and making an implementation plan up until the coordination of the project’s execution. Project management involves:

  • preparing a project plan / set of activities with defined responsibilities and deadlines,
  • organizing regular project meetings (sprints and retrospectives),
  • coordinating task execution and recording KPIs,
  • monitoring task execution,
  • managing project leading tools,
  • documenting the whole of the project activities.

Projects are led via the SCRUM method, whereby we share agile management insights with your team through common work on the project. In most cases, companies have us work on projects that have been identified as being of key strategical importance to the growth and development of the company in the context of strategy preparation.