Policy of confidential data protection

A commitment to trust

Our company is intensely devoted to handling sensitive data of our clients, partners and other associates carefully. This is also reflected in our values, integrity and trust being at the very top.


We strictly respect theconfidentiality of our clients. The same goes for every incoming piece of information, the services performed as well as the entire contents of the meetings. Confidentialityis guaranteed regardless of the area and extent of the services and the growth phase of the company. Before starting with a collaboration, we also sign a NDA.
Being proud of our clients and employing principles of long-term cooperation, we are glad to list you among our references – of course only after you’ve allowed this and given your consent.

Collecting data and databases

Clients’ data is collected via web forms for inquiries, our newsletter as well as other channels. This enables you to contact us on your own accord and receive an offer that is tailored to your needs.
Upon accepting the offer and signing the contract, we collect from youall of the agreed-upon information, which will then be used to perform our services in the best possible quality. All of the collected information, all of the documents and contents of meetings are treated as highly classified information.
We treat our files, data and databases in accordance with the applicable regulations and laws.

Use of client’s data

The collected information from our clients is used in such a way as to bring about the optimal quality of our services. This means that the information isalso confided to an expert most qualified for performing the service.
In some cases, that would be the company’s employees, in others, our contractual colleagues or partners. Every person with access to the information has signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement with our company. We will also only work with experts who share our own values (trust being foremost).
Your personal data, information and documents are never forwarded to a third party.

Data protection

We are committed to ensuring data protection at every level of our company. Here are a few examples of the measures taken with this in mind:

  • data confidentiality is discussed with the client before we enter into a formal business relationship; the client’s wishes are recorded and taken into account;
  • all of our employees, contractual and other partners have signed a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement;
  • we use only the most up-to-date software and hardware, providing us with the highest levels of security.

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

If the client wishes to enter a Non-disclosure agreement with us, there is no reason for us not to comply. We have prepared an exemplary document for this purpose.
If the client wishes to use their own template for signing an NDA, we require notification beforehand. The document shall be reviewed by our team before any other information is sent and before meetings are organized.

Change or delete your information

If you wish to report a change in your personal data or want to be deleted from the newsletter’s registry, give us a call or send us an e-mail.


Should you have any questions regarding our personal data and information protection policy, you can always reach out to us by phone.