Our services

The most you can offer your organization or department is a clear-cut strategy combined with a business culture built to achieve and upholdoperational excellence while maintaining leanness and agility. Our services will help you get there.

Starting from active cooperation with the owners, the management and the key employees, and using our own independent analysis, we can design a company’s growth strategy, its business or financial plan, or design an investment project. We also design all manners of business analyses for easier, more informed decision-making in your business.

We consult companies on how to achieve greater productivity and executability by introducing professional operational business elements and managing projects. We consult on optimizing and automatizing the work processes as well as professionalizing the functions of business. The service entails:

Every successful company is driven by a growth engine (the process of acquiring and developing customers) or else it still needs to develop one. We help companieswith their joint optimization of the marketing, sales and business development processes, with the collective goal of drastically increasing sales generation. The service entails the following:

For a specified time, we can take over the management of certain projects, thereby boosting the executive power of our clients. We manage projects using the best global practices of project management and agile management. We also help companies set up POs and COOs.

We are the pioneers of lean and agile entrepreneurship in our region. We consult companies on introducing lean intrapreneurship, product development and business models via lean and agile methodologies. We also work with introducing agile methods of management.

We perform coaching for the top and middle sectors of management as well as workshops in key soft skills for leaders, such as intrapreneurship, agile management, people leading, and maintaining high productivity on the individual levels as well as in teams.