Sales systemization

Let us rev upyour growth engine and speed up your customer acquisition rate by optimizing the sales and marketing processes.

Every successful company possesses a powerful growth engine, or at least, needs to establish one – a “machine” that keeps on generating new customers and sales through a series of repeatable steps. We help enterprises professionalize the interconnected departments of marketing, sales and business development and perform synchronized process optimization in these departments with the goal of drastically increasing salesgeneration.

Sales systematization involves the following:

  • organizing the Strategic Sales department,
  • constructing a sales strategy,
  • standardizing the sales materials,
  • implementing the strategy and performing additional optimization,
  • visualizing KPIs and providing support in execution.


Together with the client, we form a strategic team and book a meeting room (or a virtual one) – our “sales war room”. This room is the place for regular weekly meetings of the team (marketing, sales, business development, our own team), conceiving a suitable strategy and then monitoring the operational execution and implementation of the plans.

The room is a place for comprehensive KPI presentations with daily or weekly monitoring of the metrics. The walls of the room will be fitted with statements of other goals, examples of good practices and motivational materials. All this makes for a suitable environment with an agenda and a team dedicated to achieving new goals in sales.

Digitalizacija prodaje


In phase one, the interdisciplinary team (composed of internal colleagues as well as our ownconsultants)draws on a series of “brainstorming” sessions, analyses, syntheses of past experience and good practices in marketing, sales and business development to shape a sales strategy.

The strategy contains these clearly defined elements:

  • product portfolio,
  • target segments of the market,
  • personas,
  • the purchase route and the sales funnel,
  • communication channels and messages,
  • the desired customer experience as a whole,
  • metrics of success,
  • optional: adaptation of the customer rewards program.


After the strategy, it’s time to create the sales playbook along with all the standardized materials, which will ensure that every salesman or customer care employee communicates in the same way, with the same materials and following the same procedures. At this stage, the standards and processes of the marketing and sales phases are given clear definitions.

Preparing the sales playbook involves the following:

  • presenting the basics: products, target segments, personas, the purchase route etc.
  • a list and location of the available sales materials,
  • general sales pitches – one-sentence, one-paragraph, elevator pitch
  • specific sales statements and the responses to customercomplaints,
  • key competitive advantages of the company,
  • questions for a deeper understanding of the customer’s needs
  • a list and presentation of reference stories
  • standardized answers – via e-mail, telephone etc.
  • other related content.

The presentation materials to be prepared (depending on our client’sneeds):

  • presentation (corporate-, product-),
  • productone-pager,
  • brochure,
  • video presentation,
  • digital catalogue,
  • landing page,
  • a suitably formulatedstandard offer.

We guide the team through the process of preparing the materials and contents, consult on optimizing the content, and if needed, coordinate designing and printing tasks with external contractors as well.


After the strategy has been defined and the standardized materials prepared, we stand by your side throughout the implementation phase. This phase concerns additional optimizations of the marketing and sales processes, which involves:

  • introducing or updating process support technologies (CRM, marketing automation etc.),
  • setting standard deadlines (for responding to customers etc.),
  • optimizing the digital channels to generate leads,
  • eliminating bottlenecksetc.

This phase also concerns helping with the agenda of regular weekly meetings, setting up the task and KPI monitoring system. We also take care of data capture and visualization.