The team

The primary consultant in the “inhouse” business model is Blaž Kos. For larger projects, we can provide additional accredited partners or the best experts in individual business areas, putting together the best possible interdisciplinary team or provide the best selection of contractors.

For the past 12 years, Blaž Kos has managed venture capital investments and taken part of developing the regional start-up ecosystem. Today, he is a business consultant specializing in growth strategies, process optimization, introducing lean and agile methods and business digitization.

Blaž Kos has been an active participant in the development of the start-up ecosystem and venture capital in Slovenia and the Adriatic region. He has helped set up university incubators and technology parks, acted as manager of a business angel network and a venture capital fund as well as managed several investments as a business consultant.

Today, he is a consultant for companies of all sizes on growth strategies, process optimization, business digitization as well as lean and agile business. His international blog has been ranked as on of the best 50 blogs in the world in the category of business and personal growth.

Interdisciplinary inhouse consulting teams

When tackling the most difficult business challenges, we can provide the best independent experts or put together special interdisciplinary teams that will become a part of your company and part of your (management) team for the duration of the project. Thus, in a boutique way, we tackle the extent, complexity, and specifics of the most demanding business challenges. Here are some of the independent consultants which will participate and cooperate on individual projects:

We can also prepare suggestion for potential additional consultants in extensive projects, wherever a larger number of experts is called for. The list of suggestionsis always confirmed by the client beforehand.