Our method – why choose us?

We have developed a wholly new model of business consulting which brings vastly superior resultscompared to traditional consulting. Our work methodology can be used to tackle even the most demanding challenges of business or to set in motion your key strategic projects as fast as possible.


“Inhouse”consulting model – the most you can get from business consulting

We become an integral part of your team for the time of our cooperation on the project, which typically takes 6 to 24 months. At least once a week we spend the entirety of the working day in your office space (either physically or virtually), actively working with members of the project team to reach the strategicgoals.

  • a drastically improved understanding of the business situation(it’s easy to be smart about a situation you are not directly involved with),
  • a more agile work dynamic through weekly sprints,
  • a higher degree of trust,
  • a more intense transfer of knowledge to your team,
  • exclusive focus on one challenge and one clientat a time.


Lean and agile consulting – thinking on paper, prototyping in interactions

Beside the intensive work dynamic, the agile approach via the SCRUM method also ensure simmediate focus on the core issue and brings about concrete potential solutionson the table through conceptual prototypesin the shape of presentations, canvases, project briefs or other business documents.

  • the transition from general discussions to dealing with concrete solutions,
  • a thorough, “on-paper” reflection for every potential solution,
  • choosing the optimal solution after several prototype iterations,
  • visible weekly improvement from brainstorming and generalizations to concrete facts and solutions.


Consulting is just the beginning of our cooperation – we stay at your side throughout the implementation phase

We rarely only do consulting services or are only involved in the process of finding the best solution, since we know that the path to success lies in the implementation phase. We understand business consulting to be only the first step of the entire process, one where we use our own methodology and process to work out the optimal solution – only then can our real contribution actually begin.

  • optimization of the proposed solution(s) based on the feedback in the implementation phase,
  • support in difficult spots where implementation could grind to a halt,
  • a neutral outside perspective,
  • performing implementation-based agile project management(SCRUM),
  • a satisfying final result.


We study, improve on and implement the best business practices

As business consultants, we are always on the lookout for the best global business practices, as stated in the classic as well as modern books on business and publications like the Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review and others, which we then study and adapt to the local specifics.

  • Data-drivenbusiness decision-making,
  • radical candorin communication,
  • remote work management,
  • developing products through lean methods,
  • agile team leadership.

We consistently share our knowledgeon our blog.


An entirely systemized, standardized service without compromise

To ensure the highest standard of performance, each segment of our services comes with detailed descriptions of the process, standard operating procedures, prepared surveys, templates for document, control lists and a feedback system as well as other toolsdeveloped by us.

  • a clear agenda for the first and every subsequent meeting,
  • an in-depth understanding of the business situation, taking into account the perspectives of all stakeholders,
  • clear intermediate goals, gradually leading toward the final result,
  • complete traceability of the project’s progress (structured records, outputs ...),
  • a correct and orderly disposition of the legal documents (NDAs, contracts etc.).