Business plan

We formulate professional business plans which the companies typically use for acquiring new sources of funding – venture capital, debt financing or grants.

A business plan is a document of 20-40 pages which contains all the key information about a company’s plans – from its vision and key strategic goals, presenting the activity on the market, listing key advantages compared to the competition to setting out the strategies to reach the projected business goals.
Business planning helps to formulate concrete strategies and goals which the management will strive to achieve, which includes presentations of the projected financial effects.


A business plan will typically be created for external partners (banks, business angels, investment funds …), but they can also serve to raise the quality on internal decision-making.

The main motives for creating a business plan are:

  • acquiring funding from a bank,
  • acquiring venture capital,
  • applying for grants,
  • systematically reviewing the business idea,
  • preparing an execution plan.

Today, the dynamic business environment makes business planning redundant with some participants, for example venture capital investors. Instead of a business plan, the investors will be looking for a presentation of the business model as well as the key metrics considering the phase of the company’s growth and sales pipeline.Business planning is coordinated with other methods and business document preparation as needed.


A good business plan emerges from a combination of the analytical and the creative processes which interact throughout the stages of business plan creation:

  • The analytical process, which brings about various kinds of analyses and snapshots of the current state of the business.The analyses performed are used to better understand the business environment, determine the suitable strategic positioning of the company, assess the size of the market, the market opportunities and the potential for growth.In this way we also acquire entry data to prepare sales strategies, initiate intellectual property protection and employ other entrepreneurial strategies.
  • The creative process in business planning helps us solidify the strategic advantages of the company, define the winning strategies, generate additional ideas to keep the company’s advantage unsurpassed etc. The creative process of business planning is defining the business strategy.


The usual structure of a business plan is as follows:

  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • The Problem And The Solution
  • The Company’s Fundamentals
    • The Vision
    • The Mission And The Mantra
    • The Values
    • Strategic Goals
  • Analyses
    • Macroeconomic Analysis (if needed)
    • Field Analysis (if needed)
    • Market Analysis
    • Customer Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Other Analyses (if needed)
  • The Marketing Plan
    • The Marketing Description Of Goods Or Services
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Distribution
    • Market Communications Strategy
    • Market Entry Strategy
  • Production And Service Plan
  • Company Development Plan
  • Entrepreneurial Team And Staffing Plan
    • Organizational structure
  •  Timeline
  • Critical Risks
  • Financial Plan
    • Balance Sheet
    • Profit & Loss Statement
    • Cash Flow Statement
  • Appendixes And Graphical Representations
  • Attachments

We can prepare a professional business plan for your venture, regardless of your field or the type of the plan (starting a company, goods and services, local/foreign market entry …). We prepare both the contents and the financial aspects of your business plan in close cooperation with your management and other key employees.


In order to acquire venture capital or another kind of private capital, we can formulate investment documentation which depends on the investor’s demands and may include:

  • a one-pager / teaser,
  • a pitch deck,
  • market analysis,
  • the sales pipeline,
  • a presentation of the business model,
  • a financial plan.


We’ve taken part in the creation of more than 300 business plans. Alongside a professional document you will also receive:

  • an assessment of your idea and the business opportunity,
  • consulting on the strategy as given in the business plan,
  • consulting on the use of the business plan (banks, applications …),
  • agile methods supplementation.