Leadership development

We become a part of your team for a specified amount of time and transfer knowledge to your leaders and key employees through coaching. Developing leadership competencies is always carried out in combination with project consulting, as cooperating on projects brings about the fastest rate of leadership skill development.

Coaching is carried out based on the best practices from books like the “Trillion Dollar Coach”, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” and others. We help leaders to find the suitable ratio between result-orientation and relationship-orientation.
We help your leaders develop key competencies and qualities that can be found in the best global business leaders (based on the Google Oxygen survey).

These leadership focuses are:

  • hold on to a clear vision and strategy for your team,
  • be productive and goal-oriented,
  • empower your colleagues and do not dabble in detail,
  • express concern for the results, the success and the wellbeing of your coworkers,
  • communicate well and listen to your team,
  • help your colleagues with their professional development,
  • be a good coach,
  • possess the required technical knowledge to act as consultant to your team.


The qualities of the best leaders speak for a proper ratio between a focus on relationships and a focus on results. A leader with a suitable relationship-focus builds trust in his team by exhibiting behavior such as:

  • showing empathy; admitting one’s own mistakes and shortcomings, being aware of being only human,
  • communicating intent in actions (policy, honesty of intent),
  • delivering what’s been promised,
  • actively working on the teams’ difficulties
  • demonstrating clear interest in his subordinates,
  • recognizing potentials and coaching individuals in order to develop these potentials.

A leader with a suitable result-focus monitors goal achievement in a consistent way. This is reflected in:

  • encouraging constructive conflicts that lead to even better solutions,
  • having clearly set work tasks,
  • showing clear expectations regarding standards in task execution (“definition of work done”),
  • holding regular weekly meetings and surveying the completed tasks,
  • measuring the tasks completed based on the given standards.
    With the help of an analysis, it can be discovered what the dominant side is in a leader. A suitable development plan for the weaker side can then be prepared.


The main benefits of coaching for your organization include:

  • achieving professional goals faster and more easily,
  • increasing the company’s productivity,
  • improving relationships in the company all around,
  • improving teamwork quality and employee satisfaction,
  • achieving a more constructive approach to solving conflicts and lessening business drama.


The practical development of leadership competences is carried out through:

  • group coachings, where the most modern leadership knowledge is being imparted,
  • individual coachings,where the focus is on the challenges, the advantages and the weaknesses of every individual leader,
  • group work on a project, where the theory is translated into practice.


Here is a list of quick and effective workshops that can be performed as part of leadership coaching:

  • the psychology of leading,
  • modern concepts of productive business communication,
  • strategic thinking and planning,
  • leanproduct development (“lean startup”),
  • agile management (“agile leadership”),
  • setting and reaching goals,
  • productivity and work from home.