Market analysis

We perform professional analyses of the market, the competitionor the customers as well as other analyses which will help you understand the business environment and make informed business decisions.

The purpose of the analysis is to acquire key information and data snapshotsthat are useful in understanding the business environment and making informed business decisions, which in turn improves the business itself.


The purpose of market and customer analysis is foremostly to achieve a deeper understanding of the market, its key participants, the industry specificsand the customers themselves. The purpose of the analysis is to formulate a comprehensive documentwhich contains all the key information about the target market. Typically, market analysisis performed ‘behind the desk’, while customer analysis for typical clients is carried out by “field research”.

Market and customer analysistypically factors in:

  • macroeconomic factors (if necessary),
  • market size(TAM / SAM / SOM),
  • market growth and growth projections,
  • main qualities of the market,
  • potential market regulations,
  • the levels of the market’s digital maturity,
  • supply chain,
  • key competitors in the market, their advantages and differences,
  • pricing strategies,
  • main market opportunities,
  • customer personas,
  • typical purchase route,
  • carrying out interviews and findings withearly evangelists.

The content of the market and customer analysis, together with the methodologies used, is specially tailored to every business.

Market analysis is especially useful if:

  • you need a basis for formulating a strategy,
  • you are entering a new field or a new market,
  • you are developing a new product,
  • you wish to expand your business abroad,
  • you wish to achieve a greater understanding of the customers or the competitors.


We also perform other kinds of analyses, meaning:

  • business idea and core competence analysis,
  • PESTLE analysis in relation to your business,
  • competitor and competition analysis,
  • benchmark analysis,
  • SWOT analysis,
  • trend analysis,
  • Porter five forces analysis,
  • cost benefit analysis,
  • other kinds of analyses (MOST analysis etc.)