Blaž Kos

For the past 12 years, Blaž Kos has managed venture capital investments and taken part of developing the regional start-up ecosystem. Today, he is a business consultant specializing in growth strategies, process optimization, introducing lean and agile methodsand business digitization.

Beside creating the Slovene blog, Blaž also posts on a blog in English, which has been ranked among the 50 best blogs in the category of personal and business growth in the world.


Drawing on the innovative “in-house” business model, Blaž Kos helps companies achieve faster growth and setting up strong organizational foundations for long-term business success. Beside short-term projects, Blaž Kos also works as a long-term “in-house consultant” for several respectable Slovene companies.

The Start:up Slovenia Project aims to recognize best Slovenian innovative startup companies at the earliest development stages and to expertly support them as well as promote them to the public. Among the most recognized projects are thecontestfor Start:upof the year, Start:upmap containing a list of all the participants in the startup ecosystem and the webportal which gathers all the vital information for startups in one place.

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The Technology Park Ljubljana is one of the larger technology parks in the CEE region and is regarded as a technological hub where top-notch technologies come together, the best development companies meet and new technological stories are born. The Technology Park Ljubljana strives to become the best space and the best technological community for top technological companies.


The international entrepreneur conference PODIM is the largest and leading Slovene conference on entrepreneurship which, for two days, brings together all of the key participants of the start-up entrepreneurship ecosystem at home and abroad. At the conference, respectable guests from abroad as well as local ones hold a series of roundtables, lectures and workshops where they present the freshest insights about building new start-ups.


Start:up Geek House were »co-working« spaces across Slovenia, mainly in incubators and technology parks. It was primarily intended for ambitious, audacious, innovative, enterprising, talented individuals possessing knowledge with a high added value content. The spaces were also designed to be the ideal location for “freelancing”.

The company VentureLab, d.o.o., managed the Sklad Poslovnih angelov Slovenije (Business Angel Fund Slovenia) as well as the Klub Poslovnih angelov Slovenije (Club of Business Angels Slovenia). The company performed services for investors and investments, like business idea assessments, founding and starting up companies, transferring intellectual property, doing business and financial planning, analyses, accounting, business finance, loan acquisition, venture capital and grant funds.

The “Poslovni angeli Slovenije” club was the first official business angel club in Slovenia. Besides granting access to 40 of the most respectable investors, the club also does realistic assessments of business plans, performs business education and distributes know-how on building enterprises, an effective and quick investment process and a faster access to venture capital funds. The club is also in cooperation with other associations of business angels and investors, in Europe and abroad.


The Ypsilon Institute is an association of about 150 of the most talented and socially proactive representatives of the Y generation, aged between 20 and 30. Their activities range from entrepreneurship, management, research and academia, journalism, culture and the arts to politics. The purpose of the Ypsilon Institute is to be an active contributor to the development of competencies and raising the awareness of future leader with social responsibilities as the anwer to the greatest challenges of our local environment as well as humanity’s collective challenges which we will have to face in the near future.

V.I.P. – Večeri za Inovativne in Podjetne were events for people with an interest in business, entrepreneurship, innovation or the development and sale of technology. Guests of the VIP evening were respectable businessmen from Slovenia and abroad. The purpose of the VIP evening was the transfer of experience to the audience, the possibility of acquiring new insights, developing business skills and making acquaintances. The VIP evenings were also televised on TV Paprika.

Ljubljanski univerzitetni inkubator (LUI) is aimed at start-ups in their early stages of development and is mostly focused on start-ups from the academic environment of the University of Ljubljana (students, researchers, graduates). It provides support for start-ups from the first inklings of an idea to the first successful steps on the market.

Gospodarski izziv was a corporate problem-solving competition which was organized in cooperation with a sponsor company in the context of the Economic Forum (Gospodarski forum). It was aimed at ambitious and capable students who were on the lookout for new challenges in their careers. Taking part in The Economic Challenge enabled students to acquire not only organizational and communicative experience, coupled with teamwork, but also interdisciplinary insights, discovering their creative potential and broadening their social connections in business.

The company dealt in recycled consumables for inkjet printers, importing various materials from Spain, Italy, Germany and China, assembling products and selling them in Slovenia. The company’s main sales hub was the internet. It also had a physical store in Ljubljana.

The main purpose of the Atlantida Club, a club for young people and entrepreneurs with a vision, numbering more than a hundred young members, was to promote entrepreneurship and related activities among young people. The members wished to contribute to all students as well as other members of society with an interest in entrepreneurship.

Društvo Arti was a society for promoting creativity through various projects for high school and college students, where young people could showcase their talents and present themselves to the public. In its two-year lifespan, the society has organized several projects: organizing concerts, cooperating with the “Z glavo na zabavo” foundation, computer workshops, dance workshops etc.

For two years, Blaž Kos was President of the Student’s association of the Bežigrad Gymnasium. As president of the society, Blaž Kos has organized several successful projects for the students.

Project work as a project manager or team member

● Go:GlobalSlovenija, international accelerator,
● Ready For Equity (UK), Certified Coach,
● miniSeedcamp Ljubljana (UK), co-organizing events in Slovenia,
● Wayra CEE tour (UK, CZ), co-organizing CEE events,
● Startup Weekend (Global Network), organizing a national start-up weekend,
● Support with production of TV show “Dragon’s Den”
● Co-organizing the selection of Start:up of the Year,
● Co-organizing the 100 % Start:up forum,
● Co-organizing the entrepreneurial accelerator iTIME,
● Organizing the don’t SKIP conference on venture capital,
● Holding more than 1.000 lectures on business and management.

Publications and studies

● Incubator and Technology Park Management Manual (SPIRIT, 2020),
● Smart Specialization Preparation Group (SVRK, 2014),
● Manual on business angels (Ventruelab, 2011),
● Postani podjetnik (Become an entrepreneur), a manual (Poslovni angeli Slovenije, 2010),
● Od ideje do uspešnega podjetja (From an Idea to a Successful Company), a manual (LUI, 2008),
● A study of the development group on business environment at SVLR (2008),
● Enej Kuščer, Blaž Kos in Stewart McTavish, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and the University of Cambridge, Great Britain: “Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship: comparison between Cambridge and Ljubljana Universities” (2007).